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Lake Nina Restaurant & Tavern

Our weekly survey of Cincinnati chili has taken to us to some interesting places.  Pizza joints, hole-in-the-wall diners, cookie-cutter chains, you name it we’ve been there.   And yet here we are, nearing the end of our tour and we wind up at a seafood restaurant.  Easily the most bizarre setting yet for Cincinnati chili, Lake […]

Skyline Chili

What is there to say about Skyline?  There’s one on every corner, their TV ads are inescapable, and the name is pretty much synonymous with chili in Cincinnati.  The only issue for us was choosing one Skyline to visit for the purposes of our little survey here.  Ultimately we settled on the Skyline near the […]

Nick & Tom’s Restaurant

Nick & Tom’s Restaurant doesn’t exactly scream “chili joint.”  A brief perusal of the menu does nothing to disabuse that notion either.  Sure, they serve it but it’s clearly not a focus.  And yet Nick & Tom’s was a “must-stop” on our chili tour.  What piqued our interest was the surname that belongs to Nick […]

Sunnyside Grill

This week’s stop on the chili tour took us all the way out west to Cleves, where we visited Sunnyside Grill on the corner of Wesselman and Harrison.  Sunnyside Grill occupies a small cinder-block structure that contains a small lunch counter with large tables in the center and booths lining two of the walls.  The […]

Gold Star Chili

This week we hit up one of the two big Cincinnati chili chains, Gold Star Chili.  Gold Star has been the toe-to-toe rival for Skyline Chili for years.  Recently Gold Star has taken the lead in innovation by being the first of the two chains to introduce items such as chili dip, french fries, and […]

Blue Ash Chili

As our chili adventure begins to wind down, we’re hitting up some of the popular chili joints we’ve been saving up for near the end of the tour.  Our stop this week brought us to Blue Ash Chili which recently won fame by being featured on Guy Fieri’s show, “Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives,” a fact […]

Angelo’s Family Restaurant

Located just a few blocks away from our recent stop at P&T Restaurant, Angelo’s Family Restaurant sits on Winton Road just south of the Cross County overpass.  5 members of the chili team ventured north to Finneytown to give the chili at Angelo’s a try.  Parking is abundant and convenient and the restaurant itself is […]

J&J Restaurant

This week we made our fifth (!!) stop on Glenway Avenue, this time venturing out to J&J Restaurant.  Located in a small strip mall near Kroger’s, J&J’s Restaurant is a tidy little diner sporting four rows of booths and a small 4-stool lunch counter at the back with an ancient mechanical cash register looming large […]

P&T Restaurant

Today we made our first stop in Finneytown, where we visited P&T Restaurant.  P&T is located in a small strip mall along Winton Rd. just north of Cross County Hwy where it has been dishing up Cincinnati-style chili and diner fare for over 50 years.  The interior features dark wood paneling and aging naugahyde booths […]

Camp Washington Chili

Today, with a nearly full contingent of chili tasters on-hand, we visited the much lauded Camp Washington Chili.  Frequently considered the premiere independent chili parlor in Cincinnati, Camp Washington Chili has been featured in countless television shows, newspaper and magazine articles, travel guides, and is a consistent top scorer in “best-of” issues from the local […]