Camp Washington Chili

Today, with a nearly full contingent of chili tasters on-hand, we visited the much lauded Camp Washington Chili.  Frequently considered the premiere independent chili parlor in Cincinnati, Camp Washington Chili has been featured in countless television shows, newspaper and magazine articles, travel guides, and is a consistent top scorer in “best-of” issues from the local […]

Lynna’s Grill

This weeks chili stop took down to Latonia to visit Lynna’s Grill.  Possibly our final stop in Kentucky, Lynna’s Grill is located on Winston near Decourcy in downtown Latonia.  The small restaurant consists of booths along the outside wall with tables in the center.  The large menu is chock full of breakfast, sandwiches, and chili.  […]

Main Street Diner

Just down the street from the courthouse sits a small diner on the corner of 9th & Main, appropriately named the Main Street Diner.  The large sign out front says “B/G Restaurant,” a relic from the diner’s 80+ year history in that spot.  Inside is easily the longest lunch counter we’ve come across on the […]

Eastside Chili

Easily the newest chili purveyor in town, Eastside Chili has been open for about a month in Withamsville on Beechmont Ave. Located in a strip mall just east of 275, Eastside chili looks to help rectify the dearth of independent chili parlors on the east side of town. As you would expect with a brand […]

Price Hill Chili

We’ve deliberately saved some of the more well-known chili parlors around town for visits near the end of our tour.  As we’re winding down with the last dozen or so stops, it was time to start mixing some of those parlors.  So with that in mind, we finally headed out Glenway to stop at the […]


Another week, another stop on the chili tour.  This week took us back out to Cheviot where we dropped in on Santorini located on Harrison near Stephens Old Village Restaurant.  Inside the brightly-lit Greek-themed restaurant we found a wide selection of tables and booths along with an extremely large menu.  The menu features dinners, sandwiches, […]

Demetrios IV

Is it in Madisonville?  Fairfax?  Mariemont?  Your guess is as good as ours.  The one thing we’re sure of is that Demetrios IV is one of a rare breed:  an independent eastside chili restaurant.  Located near the beginning of Plainville Rd., Demetrios IV straddles the border between Madisonville and Mariemont in a freestanding structure with […]

Stephens Old Village Restaurant

Stephens Old Village Restaurant is a small family-style diner tucked up off of Harrison Avenue in Cheviot.  Stephens doesn’t have a big reputation around town for chili, but it is prominently featured on the large sign above the storefront.  The small interior consists exclusively of booths lining both walls and two rows down the center.  […]

P&S Restaurant

The P&S Restaurant is located in a small strip mall on Springdale Rd. just off of Colerain Avenue near the Northgate Mall.  In business since 1979, P&S features chili prominently on the front page of their menu.  Notably, they offer six (sour cream) and seven (sour cream and jalapenos) ways though amazingly none of the […]

Lucy’s Deli

Lucy’s Deli sits on Reading Rd. in the heart of downtown Reading.  Parking is convenient with a small lot located right next to Lucy’s.  The interior is comprised of two rows of booths with several rows of tables and chairs in the middle, decorated like an arts + crafts store exploded within.  Be sure to […]